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Is your senior parent showing signs of self-neglect?- ANAHEIM HILLS

Self-neglect is a general term used to describe a vulnerable adult living in a way that puts his or her health, safety, or well-being at risk,” according to the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. Vulnerable adults who neglect themselves may show the following signs:

  • Not eating enough food to the point of malnourishment
  • Wearing clothes that are filthy, torn, or not suited for the weather
  • Living in filthy, unsanitary, or hazardous conditions
  • Not getting needed medical care

Do you fear that your senior parent or loved one may be neglecting themselves, risking their health and safety? There are common characteristics of people who neglect their health and wellness. These characteristics include:

  • Living alone
  • Being a woman (more women than men live alone)
  • Being depressed or increasingly confused
  • Being frail or elderly
  • Having alcohol or drug problems
  • Having a history of poor personal hygiene or living conditions

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services provides easy signs to help you determine if your senior parent is neglecting their health. Signs to look for in the home include:

  • Not enough food, water, or heat
  • Filth or bad odors and hazardous, unsafe, or unclean living conditions
  • Major repairs that are needed and not done
  • Human or animal feces
  • Hoarding: nothing is thrown away, stacks of papers, magazines
  • Animal or insect infestation

Signs to look for in your senior parent include:

  • Poor personal hygiene (dirty hair, nails, and skin)
  • Smells of feces or urine
  • Unclothed, or improperly dressed for weather
  • Skin rashes or bed sores (pressure ulcers)
  • Dehydrated, malnourished, or weight loss
  • Absence of needed dentures, eyeglasses, hearing aids, walkers, wheelchairs, braces, or a commode
  • Increased dementia, confusion, or disorientation
  • Unexpected or unexplained worsening of health or living conditions
  • Spending too much time alone or isolated from former activities
  • Lack of interest or concern about life
  • Untreated medical conditions
  • Self-destructive behaviors or significant behavior changes
  • Hallucinations or delusions
  • Misusing drugs or alcohol

If your senior parent is exhibiting signs of self-neglect, call SYNERGY HomeCare of Corona, Riverside, and Anaheim Hills. SYNERGY HomeCare’s compassionate, skilled, and highly-trained in-home caregivers can help your senior parent achieve a safe, healthy, happy, and independent lifestyle. SYNERGY HomeCare’s in-home caregivers provide your senior parent with top-notch, quality, and personalized care to meet their needs. SYNERGY’s in-home caregivers provide personal assistance, transportation services, meal preparation, housekeeping, and companionship services.

Personal Assistance

  • Standby assistance with morning and evening routines
  • Transfer assistance
  • Bathing and showering assistance
  • Personal Hygiene assistance
  • Help with restroom use
  • Assistance with dressing
  • Personal appearance care
  • Incontinence care

Errands and Transportation Services

  • Incidental transportation
  • Schedule planning and assistance
  • Errand services

Meal Planning and Preparation

  • Assistance with meal planning
  • Mealtime feeding assistance
  • Assist with and motivate meal preparation
  • Complete meal preparation

Light Housekeeping

  • Assistance with light gardening
  • Kitchen cleaning and organization
  • Bathroom cleaning and organization
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Changing linens

Companionship Services

  • Friendly and supportive conversation
  • Plan and encourage social activities
  • Encourage light exercise
  • Encourage active thinking

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