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Video Conferencing for Seniors

Attached is a link to an article about a study done on the benefits of video conferencing between elderly parents in nursing homes and their families.

Not surprisingly the findings were that it enriched the lives of the elderly patients.   Yes, many of the nursing home residents had troubles using the programs at first.   However they agreed that it was the next best thing to having their families come visit them.   In some ways even better.   The cameras and computers were able to bring the elderly parents/grandparents into the daily lives of their loved ones.

The technology available for videoconferencing is now widely available and inexpensive.   It would only take a few short lessons from a family member or caregiver to teach someone to use a free program like “Skype”.   Many times a phone conversation between a grandparent/grandchild is awkward.   A lot of one word answers and a one way conversation.   Wouldn’t it be easier for a 5 year old to “show” grandma her new puppy?  

Caregivers can be trained to assist their elderly patients to participate in these calls.   It works both ways, the elderly person gets to “see” into their loved ones lives and the families get to “see” how their parents/grandparents are doing.   At Synergy HomeCare of Long Beach, we are committed to helping improve the communication between our clients and their loved ones.   A staff member will always be available to assist any families set up a Skype account.