Hiring Caregivers


Carefully Matched Caregivers

Our compassionate caregivers are highly trained professionals who have experience in meeting a variety of care needs and have a deep understanding of community and health resources. They take time to get to know their clients and the families involved in their care, establishing warm and sensitive working relationships based on open communication. They always strive to provide the very best care, ensuring clients’ health, safety, happiness and dignity.

We go the extra mile to find caregivers who can meet the physical and emotional demands of the job. When matching your caregiver, we take into account your specific care needs, such as Alzheimer’s care, Multiple Sclerosis care or personal care. But we also take steps to understand your loved one’s personality and desired character traits in his or her caregiver. Some clients prefer caregivers who are outgoing and gregarious while others prefer caregivers with more subdued and quiet demeanors.

Strong Credentials and Deep Experience

We also conduct a thorough national background check to find the most reliable and trustworthy individuals. All caregivers are certified in CPR and First Aid and have completed coursework on infectious disease prevention. Many of our caregivers have also completed higher levels of training to become home health aides, personal care assistants and certified nursing assistants. 

Understanding that education must be ongoing, especially in the field of caregiving, we provide ongoing training to further improve caregivers’ skills and help them develop new areas of expertise.  We also regularly assess their performance to ensure their continued excellence on the job. 

In addition to having impeccable credentials, our caregivers share a passion for caring for others. Many have served as caregivers to members of their own families and have devoted their entire lives to the service and betterment of others.  They also possess the physical strength and mental acuity to act quickly and appropriately in a crisis. 

Finally, our caregivers are fully bonded and insured employees. And they are available to work anytime and anywhere you need them, during holidays, on weekends, for one hour or 24 hours a day.

Customized Care

Each client comes to us with different needs, so, working together with clients and their families, we develop unique plans of care for each person. If, for example, your loved one has MS, we will recommend caregivers with deep experience in that area and who have the physical strength to lift a client from a bed to a wheelchair.

You and your loved one have the opportunity to interview caregivers in person to determine if he or she satisfies your requirements and wishes. This process usually takes between three and five days, but we are able to expedite the timeline in more urgent cases and provide assistance in a matter of a few hours.

But our work with clients doesn’t end here. We communicate regularly with clients and their families to ensure everyone’s continued satisfaction and to address additional care needs.  You can count on us to know every client’s unique situation and needs every day, and to keep you informed and engaged throughout our working relationship.

Caregiving requires flexibility, which is why we also are prepared to adjust clients’ care plans any time. This is part of SYNERGY’s “No contracts, Just Care” philosophy.

Contact us with any additional questions about our services or team.You can call the office at 763-746-2899 or send us a email at [email protected]



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