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At SYNERGY HomeCare, we build connections and forward momentum in people’s lives. We call it the Synergy Effect. We believe our purpose is to provide the best care possible. Equally important is helping people feel, see and experience more in their lives. Whether your loved one needs a little bit of help or a lot, the care they receive compassionately serves their immediate needs. But it can also have long-lasting effects that improve their lives in ways they never expected.

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When you need to find care for someone you love, it’s important that it feels right. With SYNERGY HomeCare, you’ll find the best tools and resources, specialized training and caregiver compassion, all in one place.

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Home Care Services - Care and Companionship

Care and Companionship

From personal assistance with bathing and dressing, to companion care to fight isolation and loneliness, to support with housekeeping, errand and transportation services, sometimes just a little extra help can make all the difference. We also offer round-the-clock, live-in care for those who need that extra level of support in the comfort of their own home.
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SYNERGY HomeCare Memory Care

Memory Care

When your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia, understanding the disease and identifying the right family caregiver resources and support can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. We’re here to help you navigate through uncharted waters and create peace of mind in caring for your loved one experiencing dementia or memory loss. Our person-centered Convergence of Care model brings together the best tools and resources, along with caregiver talents and specialized training, to deliver a customized Memory Care solution for your family.
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Home Care Services - Fall and Injury Prevention

Fall and Injury Prevention

With a little help and an extra pair of eyes, the risk of falls can be reduced and people can focus on living safe and secure at home. This can include assistance with safely moving around the home, removing tripping hazards, increasing lighting, making stairs safe and installing home accessibility or monitoring solutions.
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Home Care Services - Wellness


Mental health is as important as physical wellness. It affects a person’s emotional, psychological and social well-being. We provide knowledgeable, compassionate care, such as brain and memory exercises and healthy nutrition, to promote holistic wellness regardless of age.
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