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Feeling Overwhelmed with Caregiving Duties? Respite Care Can Help!


Meeting the care needs of a family member, particularly when a chronic health condition or the effects of aging are a factor, is a physically, emotionally, and psychologically demanding role, and it’s vitally important for family caregivers to take time away to rest and recharge on a regular basis to ensure their own health, as well as the best possible level of care for their loved ones.

Routine respite care:

  • Offers caregivers a break from daily care tasks, while ensuring family members in need of care are still receiving the attention they need and deserve.
  • Is intended to be planned, temporary, intermittent and substitute.
  • May be provided for as much or as little time as needed for just the right level of relief for caregivers.
  • Allows for happier, healthier family caregivers who are better equipped to provide high quality care for those they love.

The following considerations are important with respite care services:

  • Family caregivers should talk with their loved ones who are receiving care, as appropriate, as introducing a new caregiver can be intimidating at first. Having a plan in place and explaining to the family member that the respite care provider is someone who is trusted, professional, and highly skilled, is a good first step.
  • It can be helpful to allow for a transition period where both the respite caregiver and family caregiver are together for a short amount of time initially, until the person receiving care feels comfortable.
  • Once a respite care plan has been established, it’s important for family caregivers to stick to that plan, ensuring it’s a top priority that will allow for much-needed time away to maintain good health for both parties.

While there are a number of options in the Chicago area for respite care, a top-rated provider like SYNERGY HomeCare has the experience and expertise to ensure the highest level of care is provided – bringing peace of mind to family caregivers.

To learn more about our exceptional respite home care in Chicago and the surrounding areas, contact SYNERGY HomeCare. Our care experts are available to assist adults of all ages with the safe, reliable, compassionate and highly skilled care that allows family caregivers to feel comfortable taking time away to tend to their own needs.

Call us any time at (773) 868-3183 to schedule a free assessment, right in the comfort of home, and discover a healthier life balance for yourself while enriching the life of someone you love with our trusted in-home respite care services.