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Respite care for family caregivers


Respite care gives hardworking family members a much-needed break from the daily routine of caregiving. Whether you need a few hours away or an extended vacation, respite care gives you time to refresh and recharge while having peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands.

Having a support system of trained professionals on deck makes caring for loved ones more manageable – and sustainable. First and foremost, it reduces the physical and mental exhaustion of caregiver burnout. It also relieves stress, restores energy and promotes a necessary life balance.

We understand that both giving and finding care for a loved one can seem overwhelming. We also know that you want to provide the best care possible. Our flexible approach supports a temporary/short-term schedule or a more routine weekly, biweekly or monthly schedule.

For many families, there is a feeling that only a family member can provide the proper level of home care for a loved one. Family members sometimes rearrange significant portions of their lives to adapt to family needs and can be successful for a period of time. But generally, the demands of care begin to introduce challenges that can easily be eliminated when supplemental care with a highly qualified SYNERGY HomeCare caregiver is retained. Being an integral part of your family is our main desire. Everyone needs help, even family caregivers, so let SYNERGY HomeCare help to restore normalcy to your family with professional respite care in Chicago and the surrounding cities.

For the family caregiver
Finally, we like to share our knowledge of caring for loved ones at home. We offer client family members free access to our online training. This training will help teach family members basic caregiver skills they can employ to dramatically improve their loved one’s quality of life and help family members to better understand and deal with the challenges of caring for a loved one.

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Family Caregiver Ultimate Guide


This 20-page guide is the best tool to help family caregivers cope, balance life and be healthy. Every family that has a family caregiver should make this their go-to guide.

Fall Prevention Guide


If you have elderly parents, review the seven ways to prevent falls with them. It can save a trip to the hospital, and maybe their life.

10 Signs That Your Parent Needs Care


Learn the 10 signs that indicate your parents need help living at home. Plus, how to talk to them about it!


We bring wholehearted, life-energizing care to you, in the home you love

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Rose B.

“I love being able to make a difference in the lives of others by truly listening to their needs and adapting their care to address those needs. SYNERGY HomeCare is a great employer for many reasons, but my favorite is that they care for their caregivers like family, too!”

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Paula W.

“I enjoy being able to be the person in their lives that we had for my Mom and Dad. It’s so fulfilling to give back.” (Paula became a caregiver after her own parents received support from SYNERGY HomeCare.)

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Jackie P.

“Working here for eight years has allowed me to make a heartfelt difference in others’ lives by caring for them as if they were my own family. I love working for SYNERGY HomeCare because they care for their caregivers like they were family, too. Being able to help others lead fuller lives is a gift.”